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Trouble exporting online imagery

acassa Global Mapper User
edited July 2015 in Downloading Imagery
I am new to Global Mapper, and I'm having difficulty exporting the World Imagery as a raster. I understand this is a very large file with high resolution, but I'm looking to download it so that I don't need to be online to use it. Every time I try to export it, GM freezes or tells me it will take three weeks to finish. I have tried many different options including 8-bit compressed, 24-bit not compressed, etc. The only moderate success I have had is exporting it as a GM Package, but this produces a lower resolution map because I chose "Automatically choose a good zoom level." I also tried exporting as a GM Package to the best available zoom level, but that also seems to take forever. Does anyone have any suggestions for going about this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • What resolution do you want it at? How big is the area that you are trying to export? You are only going to get at most, approximately a 30cm (it is more like 40cm) image from that layer (for the United States), and then of course, it depends on where in the world you are trying to export the image. I have an algorithm that I developed in a spreadsheet that calculates file size based on area and ground resolution. Also, if you are looking for one particular AOI and you are creating a map for print purposes, my spreadsheet will calculate the ground resolution that you would need to export out of Global Mapper (so you are not wasting resolution by exporting images that exceed print capabilities). If interested, e-mail me
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