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Hello, I am new to mapping and work for a company that needs volumes calculated for stock piles at a quarry. Will Global Mapper do this calculation and provide a volume in tons? Can you provide a document that will walk me through the process of taking images that I have captured via my UAV and process them into volumes?
If you can help me to show my management that this can be done, I can provide the images at:
Thank you for your help.


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    Hi Donald,

    Your images are simple jpegs and won't contain any height data so you couldn't use them to calculate volume, they don't have any geolocation information either - which you need to fix them together and within the world.
    The other thing to be aware of is that a 'Ton' is a measure of weight not volume - you would have to work out the volume and apply the particular weight of the extracted material to that to work out the amount stock piled.
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