CADRG Export (A.TOC) issues

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I am exporting rasters using the "CADRG/CIB/RPF" export tool in Global Mapper 14 and in 16. In any other software other than Global Mapper the data is coming in scrambled. It seems the A.TOC file is not placing the tiles correctly. All the tiles seem to be present, just not in the correct position, scrambled with a seemly random placement of the tiles.

I am attempting to use an Android software that supports CADRG. However we have tested it using ESRI and we are getting the same result.

We have tested our systems with a CADRG created in an older version of ERDAS that we have and the CADRG seems to work, leaving me to assume that it is the Global Mapper Export that is the issue.

I have done a bit of research on the forums and it seems issues like this have been present in the past however most of the issues were resolved without a clear explanation of what was done aside from updating to the latest version of Global Mapper.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, and found a workaround?

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