Mapping large scale parallel lines as railroad tracks

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When viewing Open Street vector maps, places where railroads are depicted multiple tracks are shown with individual parallel lines. Is there any way to do that in GM without drawing each line individually?

Hank Sundermeyer
Newark, DE


  • JeffH@BMGJeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Posts: 328Trusted User
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    Hi Hank,

    Typically, what you would do is to select the railroads, typically using the Search / Search by Attributes, Name, and Description facility, and then assign the feature type to the selected features that has suitable visualization parameters. If there isn't a pre-existing feature that looks the way that you want, you can make your own line feature type in the Tools / Configure / Line Styles dialog: use "New Type..." to add a new line type, give it a suitable name, and change its visualization by setting the Drawing Style parameters. If you are unable to find visualization primitives that show what you want, feel free to request them here.

    See the Line Styles page in our online help document here: Line Styles. The online help document is here: GlobalMapper


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