Extruded Polygon to Collada?

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Hi Mike,

I'm confused about how to export to Collada 3D models from an extruded Vector Polygon..

I have a building footprint I have added the "3D_EX_HT" = "3" value to it and can get it to display in 3D view and know it's working in the display.

However I thought if I chose to export it as a 3D Collada file or a .OBJ i'd then be able to bring it in to Sketchup, but when I do there is nothing displayed.

How do you generate a 3d model for Collada or OBJ etc? I seem to be missing something.


Or is it that I'm running in unlicensed and it's just not exporting? Is it possible to get a new 2 week trial as I trialed v16 a while ago and it didn't suit my needs, now I need to test out the new functions again but it says I can't use a demo again.


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    Hello Dean,

    This isn't a licensed feature; exporting of area extrusions just isn't supported for the 3D model types (e.g. Collada, OBJ, STL, PLY). Extrusions are pretty much a feature of the 3D viewer, and don't really exist otherwise. I've opened a new bug ticket (#15969) to implement creating and exporting extrusions for our 3D exports. It will be evaluated and prioritized for addition to future GM releases; when that happens, we'll notify you here. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I am curious about our statement that there is nothing displayed when you do export areas to Collada format; that should work in recent versions of Global Mapper. Which one are you running?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Jeff,

    I was trying on the Demo of v16. I'm looking at upgrading soon. I used the demo ages ago and decided I didn't need the upgrade then, I'm still on v12 at home, hence I'm a few generations of GM behind.

    Defintely would love to have the ability to implement creating and exporting extrusions for the 3D exports, thanks for opening a Ticket on it. Could be very useful to then bring those into Sketchup. :)

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