Ciipping old topo with control points? with GM 16.2

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I am having problems clipping an old topo sheet to the control points. I have done this before so there may be a bug in GM 16.2. I right click on the control point layer in the overlay control center I then selected the option BBOX/COVERAGE,and select Yes to create a rectangular bounding box and then I used the digitizer tool to select the polygon but the polygon does not select the control points so I can't crop to the control points. Anyone have a clue here what is happening or is there a bug in GM 16.2. I know I have done this before but I don't rember if it was 16.1 or not. I need screen shots to see what is happenig. If you look at the screen shot I have attached you can see the polygon does not match the control points.


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    I recommend getting the latest version of Global Mapper 16.2 to see if this problem has been fixed. If the problem persists, please send a description of your workflow and results to Blue Marble Geographics Support ( This will ensure that the support team sees the problem.

    Global Mapper download link: Global Mapper Downloads


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    They have already replied and gave me instructions on how to do this with 16.2 which I have.
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