Greenland ICE Sheet Thickness

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is there a way, to read this Data into GlobalMapper:

There are a bunch of .prj files inside and some other formats.
But important is the thickness grid.

Or is there another source for the thickness of greelands ice sheet that GM can read without problems?

Thx alot!


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    Hello Markus,

    According to the README file, the .txt files in the grids folder are Esri ASCII grid files, which are supported by Global Mapper. I used Global Mapper 16.2 to import KogeBugt_2009_2011_Composite\grids\kogebugt_2009_2011_composite_surface.txt. Global Mapper will automatically use the associated .prj to set the projection. You don't say what version of Global Mapper you are using, but the ability to read Esri ASCII grid files has been there for quite a while.


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    thx! works perfect! sadly the tiles cover just a tiny bit of greenland.
    some more research on the greenland sites needed, maybe there are some more grids with better information/greenland without ice sheet.

    still on version 15, but will update soon.

    thx again,
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    At the link you gave, in the folder called "old formats" are two ice thickness files covering all of Greenland. I was able to load those ASCII files, grid them, and subtract one from the GEBCO data set to get the attached image of Greenland with no ice. NSIDC also has ice thickness grids.

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    Hey Ice Age Mark,
    thx alot -just checked the page again and found, that file contains greenland Bedrock, so without Ice.
    And the Ice Sheet seperate! Great! :)
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