3d PDF image outside page bounds

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I am using Global Mapper v 15.2.7 to export a 3D pdf. I am using the export bounds as 'All data visible on screen'. The pdf is A4 landscape. However the resulting pdf is a blank page. When I zoom out to 25% I can see that the 3D view is outside the pdf page bounds, i.e. at 100 % zoom I only see the blank grey rectangle. I can zoom and move around in the 3D part as usual once I zoom out but it is not within the pdf page bounds.
3d_Pdf_out of bounds.jpg

I have tried changing the projection from NZTM (GD2000) to UTM Zone -59 which has made no difference as well as increasing page size to A2. I have successfully exported 3D pdfs before for other locations. Is there a way to fix this problem?


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    This was recently fixed in v16.2. The problem had a timing element to it, and may not happen every time.
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    Great thanks for your reply - I will have to ask our IT to upgrade our network license to v16.
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