how to resume export of mbtiles

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I am exporting a mbtiles up to level 17, and retaining the intermediate tile files.
I now wish to export up to level 19, and wish to use the "retained" files of the previous operation.
But now GM cannot recognize that I just wish to continue to levels 18 & 19 without reworking on lvl up to 16.
Is there any simple way to make GM know just to continue to work on levels 18 & 19, and at the end pack all the levels to the mbtiles export for me?


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    I think this will work:

    1) On the Tiling Options tab, set up your export for levels 18 and 19
    2) Put a check next to "Skip Existing Tiles" in the option list on the right side
    3) On the MBTiles Options tab, uncheck "Delete Intermediate Tile Files..."
    4) For Location, browse to the location where the tiles were stored during your previous export.

    This will add the new tiles to your intermediate tile folder. The exporter will use all tiles that are in that folder to produce the MBTiles database, regardless of whether or not the tiles were created during that export.


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    I shall try and report next week, thank you very much.
  • wmiswmwmiswm Global Mapper User Posts: 220Trusted User
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    it works flawlessly as described, thank you very much.
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