Composite raster from boundary tiles

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Hello everyone,

I am new to Global Mapper, and I speak little English, so I hope I will be understandable!
I have 2 raster mosaics to merge.
The problem is that the border tiles are supplied for each mosaics, and that they are ECW whose white is pretty degraded.
I will wish to cut the tiles according to precise border (shapefile available), and thus create composite raster tiles.
(mosaics are made with the same grid).

Is it possible (and how) with Global Mapper ?

A screenshot will certainly be more telling :

left tile :

right tile :

Thanks for any help !

Sylvain M.


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    Finally I found it myself.
    For those interested, here is the procedure.
    In fact, we must handle this with Map Catalogs, and not at the level of tiles themselves.
    1] Creating Map Catalogs (File> Create a new Map Catalog ...)
    2] Loading the Catalogs as well as the vectors (SHP)
    3] For each Map Catalog, crop to the intended vector area (Catalog options => Crop to Selected Area Feature)
    4] Export with the desired options

    Perfect for me !

    Sylvain M.
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