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I have some geometry that I can load in, specifically OBJ.
I have a bunch of satellite imagery (in the form of a Map Catalog).
From this grid of images, I can create an area feature (right-click on the map catalog, choose "BBOX/COVERAGES - Create Area Features...", then hit "Yes" for rectangles...

I'd like to then use this area feature to split up the geometry into squares that are then exported.
Is this possible in GM? Or is it slightly out-of-scope?

Would the tiling feature be able to achieve this? How would I constrain it to the area feature? (Get details from the area feature?)
Does the tiling (or splitting) handle cutting triangles on the edge (of the tiles), and creating geometry where required? Or does it choose which tile an overlapping triangle should be in?

Any tutorial videos that cover this topic?

Thanks for any help.


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    Once you have created the coverage areas, select the ones that you want to use. Then, when you export your data, on the Tiling tab of the export options, select "Use Selected Area Feature(s) for Tiles".

    The tiling will split features along the edge of the tiles.


  • SulphurSulphur Global Mapper User Posts: 8
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    Thanks for the help.

    I took the advice, but found that the option "Use Selected Area Feature(s) for Tiles" was greyed out.
    Found Global Mapper User's Manual and figured out I had to select the squares with the Digitizer tool.
    Did that and the option is now available.
    However, whenever I export the selected OBJ feature (to DXF or DWG) the resulting output files are empty or contain errors (even without tiling).
    And if I try File | Export | Export 3D Format... (to output to OBJ) - no tiling options are given...
    What is the best way to
    - import OBJ
    - export OBJ split up by area feature?

    On a slightly different note, what tutorial videos would be good to learn how to... drape... satellite imagery on OBJ geometry...
    And then export the OBJ with UV mapping of the imagery? Assuming this is possible (assuming the material file(s) and materials for the satellite imagery is created accordingly).

    Thanks for any further assistance.
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    I recommend that you contact Blue Marble Geographics support (geohelp@bluemarblegeo.com) to get a solution to your export issue. Be sure to include the version of Global Mapper you are using, a detailed description of your workflow, and the data you are using. Also, the support team can provide information about what topics are covered in our tutorial videos and recorded webinars.


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