More information needed for Lidar Module - removing above ground points

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I've read through the help documentation but was wondering if there was something else, like a tutorial, on the best ways to remove above ground points from the data. It's very easy to see the auto configuration but that doesn't always work the best. I really need some assistance in this area.

Could somebody maybe give me some tips or even some sort of detailed process on how to go about getting these above ground points removed, from buildings and trees to bushes.

Thank you.


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    I should clarify just a little bit. After playing with this a little more, what is proving challenging is getting GM to recognize the ground points from the other stuff (trees, buildings, etc). I've tried it at default settings and it leaves some shorter trees and small buildings. I've tried to reduce the Base Bin Size from 3, and then 2 and then 1, but it removes some of the ground points. I've left the other settings default.

    This is very frustrating - please if anybody could help. Below is a download link for the las file I'm using (UTM, Zone 17, NAD83, Meters, Meters). Thank you so much.
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