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Cities and towns represented as points

virgo1066virgo1066 Global Mapper UserPosts: 1
I have a general question that I have been trying to find the answer to for some time. I am georeferencing small scale maps of the United States. Often the map I am referencing have no coordinates but do have cities and towns represented by points. The base map I am using has the same cities and towns represented by points.

My question: is there a general rule as to what is represented by displaying a city or town as a point, is it the city hall? The post office? The police station? The geographic center of the city/town polygon? Some of the places i am using are unincorporated entities and are referred to by the GNIS, Census Bureau and the USGS as simply a populated place and have no municipal structures.

I sent emails with this question to every agency I can think of and have been referred to several technical papers buy the GNIS and the USGS as to the standards used in the preparation of U. S. Government maps, but have not found an answer to my question.

If I can’t find an answer to my question, I think I may do a random sampling of listed geographical coordinates against topo sheets to see if there is some systematic determination point placement.

Anyone have an answer?
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