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Assigning SRTM elevation data to image

PhilRatcliffe Global Mapper UserTrusted User
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I have satellite imagery of a mountainous area as well as SRTM data for the same area. is there a way to assign this elevation data to the imagery so that I can build a 3D image. If I'm asking a question that has been asked before, could you please point me to the information. many Thanks Phil

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  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited April 2015
    Image and elevation data are usually separate files, and exist as separate layers in Global Mapper.

    A "3D image" exists for areas that are covered by both image and elevation files. The coverage of either of your data sets may be much larger and/or different from the others, so you will be interested (at least) in areas where they overlap.

    If your area of interest is a small part of either file, you can speed your operations by exporting a subset of each file to separate files, then reloading them and removing the originals. This will be especially true if either file has been downloaded from an online source (and not yet saved to a local file).

    If you need to export image and elevations for use by another program, your next steps depend upon the options available in the other program (those options that match those available in Global Mapper).

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