List of Feature Attributes for Digitizing?

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I may be crazy but I feel that in the past I have had a dialogue box that had a list of custom created feature styles that I could select which would apply the default feature information when digitizing.

I know about the feature attribute type creation, under configuration > Point/Line/Area Styles, but I feel like there was a way to have a dialogue box come up that you can select which custom style you want to digitize.

An example of what I am trying to accomplish is if you have a roads layer, with road attributes, Highway, Primary, Secondary, ect. you need to draw your line apply the feature information accept, draw your next line.

Vs what I think I have done in the past. Select Highway (with default style and attributes) and draw, then quickly switch to a local road, and all the default information is automatically applied.

If this tool exists please guide me to where it is located, and if it does not exist. Then I am just loosing my mind.4

Thanks for your help, and great software.

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