Plotting points from a CSV list with different icons

l8mackeyl8mackey Global Mapper UserPosts: 2
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I have a list of position data for a range of different devices and would like to plot these points and have a different icon displayed for each device type. Is there a way to define a icon in a column after the position data??

The only way I know to do it now is to create different CSVs for each device.



  • bobwillsbobwills Global Mapper User Posts: 48Trusted User
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    There may be a smarter way, but I would:
    Include a column in your data to be loaded as an attribute,
    Use the Split function to split into layers based on that attribute,
    select all items on each layer and edit to change the icon.

    Not sure if that saves time over loading separate files where you could load each with a custom point type that has the correct icon.


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