vector grid appears warped in googlemaps (but crop of same doesn't)

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I have a 1km grid over a fairly large area (irregularly shaped, but about 70x70km), that I have exported as a kmz file for use in googlemaps.

This works to an extent, but at least one of the horizontal grid spacings looks warped. The 'squares' in the middle of one row become squashed oblong shapes - but if you follow it along, at both ends of the row they appear square again!

The exact same kmz file looks fine in google earth.

The exact same grid looks fine in googlemaps, when exported over a smaller area around the bit where I can see the problem (croppoed to approx. 15km x 10km)

I don't really want to have to split it into a number of tiles, but that is all I can think I will have to do - other solutions welcome, please!


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