Importing LiDAR Data & Measurements

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Hi all,

Am a novice in both Global Mapper and sophisticated GIS systems, so apologies in advance for basic questions. Our specialty is aerial filming, so I am learning Global Mapper to incorporate it into our workflow. I took the 3-day seminar last week, but still have much(!) to learn.

OK - questions!

I would like to import client's LiDAR files into our workspaces. It is my understanding I can do this without the LiDAR module (however, I would need that if I wanted to tweak the data).

1) I have a sample (LAS) file, and can view it in "Quick Terrain Reader" with no issues, however when I attempt to import the LAS file into Global Mapper, it asks me for Projection and Zone parameters, etc. Is it normal that I would need to add this information, as opposed to it being embedded in the LAS file? As "Quick Terrain Reader" was able to import it directly, I wonder what I am doing wrong?

2) Once I am able to import into Global Mapper, can I measure items within, such as the width of the RoW, height of trees and structures, for example? Are these measurements possible?

3) Do I need to license the LiDAR module if I want to export as 3D PDF?

Many thanks for any advice!

PS: I am using Version 16.1 (b031215) 64-bit
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