ECW reprojection

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I'm quite new to GM, and already facing a question:

I've converted Geotiffs to ECW, and that worked fine. My Client now asks me the same ECW files in a different projection. I've used the Configure tool for that, quite straightforward. Now, I need to save those new files, but I couldn't find any way to do that without using the export tool, and choosing a 1:1 ratio for compression. Anyway, it calculates a new compression, so:

- Is there another way to do so without re-compression of the ECW?
- Will I have any quality loss from the export and re-compression - should I start from my TIFF files again to prevent any quality loss? It is quite a time consuming operation, so I wish I had not...

Thanks for your help!



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    It seems that the quality of the generated reprojected files is OK, but those are more than twice larger than the original ECW, so that's not good at all...
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    I'm still stuck with that question...
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    How did you do your reprojection sir?
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