Units for Rotation Angle

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I'm trying to rotate points on Global Mapper using the function "Specify Coordinate Transformation". But when it comes to "Rotation Angle (clockwise)", I don't know what unit I should have for my angle.

My rotation value is 0deg 0' 50.33" . So I tried putting 0.005033 and it didn't work. I tried converting these to Arcseconds and I get 18.63, but same result.

I have to say that to do this Coordinate Transformation I'm using a Rotation Origin which I specify in the "Rotation/Scale Origin (X/Easting)" and Northing, options.

All this come up because I have to convert some coordinates and I have a Rotation, Scale and Shift to do. Can I do this step all at the same time with this option?

Thank you
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