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this may be way beyond the focus of Global Mapper development, but I still want to ask: I'm working for a wind farm developer and we're using WindPro for impact assessments. We often need to preprocess data in GM and transfer it between the software environments, which is time consuming and often frustrating. To me it seems like the calculations for noise assessments, shadow calculations, photomontages and visual impact assessments could easily be done in Global Mapper. The required coding for the additional plugins shouldn't be very complicated, because it would mainly rely on geospatial data which you're very used to. Most of the calculations can even be done with some Excel formulas, others like Nord2000 would just need an interface to existing implementations.

The most basic example: with a 3D model for my wind turbine it should be easy to calculate the regions where the turning rotor is casting a shadow during the sun's daily/yearly movement (yes, I know that it's the earth which is actually turning ;-). Unfortunately I didn't even find the right setting for a realistic display of a pillar's shadow. I'd expect a clearly visible core shadow.


So what's your opinion? Do you have the amition to extend GM's scope that far?

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