Adding Danish projections to Global Mapper

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I cant find the Danish DKTM projections in Global Mapper, and I'm not sure how to add them in the most proper way.

They have the following EPSG codes
4093 ETRS89/DKTM1 Jylland vest for 10 grader øst (Jutland west of 10 degrees east)

4094 ETRS89/DKTM2 Jylland og Fyn øst for 9 grader øst (Jutland and Funen east of 10 degrees east)

4095 ETRS89/DKTM3 Sjælland (Sealand)

4096 ETRS89/DKTM4 Bornholm (Bornholm)

They are based on ETRS89
Zone Central- Correction on the FALSE FALSE
meridian central meridaian Easting Northing
DKTM1 9° -20 ppm 200.000 m -5.000.000 m
DKTM2 10° -20 ppm 400.000 m -5.000.000 m
DKTM3 11.75° -20 ppm 600.000 m -5.000.000 m
DKTM4 15° 0 800.000 m -5.000.000 m

They are listed in the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry and can be searched by the EPSG code

Here the data is listed probably more like global mapper uses it with the correction given as a number
Latitude of natural origin 0° degree No (Sign Reversible)
Longitude of natural origin 9° E degree No
Scale factor at natural origin 0.99998 unity No
False easting 200000 metre No
False northing -5000000 metre No

But do I save a file of e.g UTM32/ETRS89, edit that and load it or should I add them to global mappers epsg-codes.txt ?
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