Licensing and installing GM on two computers, am I confused?

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I've been using GM for many years and I've recently ran into some licensing and installation issues that have generated some questions on my end after a HDD failure and a computer upgrade.

My understanding has always been that a single GM license may be installed on two computers as long as the purchaser is the sole user. I've been running simultaneous copies of GM on my laptop and iMac for many years. This allows me to work on projects while traveling (which I do a lot) and then transfer my updated workspace to my iMac to continue when I get home.

Is it still the case that we may install and run GM on two computers?

I refer to this post by Mike:

"Technically so long as you are the only user of the license any 2nd computer can be activated, it doesn't have to be portable. No way to tell the difference. Beyond those 2 you would need a dongle or an additional license.

Machines don't have to be on the internet to be activated, but you would have to get a key for your machine ID from us on a disconnected machine. Or have a dongle, which doesn't require sending us any information.


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Link to the post below




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    I would like to know as well. We have a partitioned network and each user has two machines. One machine is secured and never connected to the internet or LAN. The 2nd machine is networked and unclassified so is able to access the internet. Seems this should apply here.
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    I recommend that you address licensing questions to Blue Marble Geographics Support ( They have the expertise to address the specifics of your situation. Thanks.


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    Done thanks.
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