cutting off the noise from airborne LiDAR

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to auto classify ground from airborne LiDAR data set that has small groups of low/high points from time to time. Ground algorithm tends to keep lowest points in order to stick to the ground. When comes to the low noise skips from real ground to the noise and large portions of real ground stays unclassified. If the area is somehow flat it's easy to cut out noise with "valid elevation range" buttons but usually elevation range of terrain is higher than noise. Just for smoothing good option is to rerun ground algorithm on inverted ground but that leaves me without all ground points that were skipped due to low noise in 1st classification process. If anyone has an idea (maybe with some other free tools) how to get rid of noise I would appreciate.
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    Go to ""; at OpenTopography, and about 1/4 of the way down the page you should find "Whitebox Geospatial Analysis tool". It has lots of different kinds of filters for LiDAR and imagery, and is free. It's not very user friendly or intuitive, but if I can use it, probably anybody can.

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    Thanks Ice Age Mark! I'll check and give some feedback in few days.
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