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exporting screen image projection problems

JSL Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited February 2015 in Technical Support
I was trying to create some equal areas from the results of a "Capture contents to image" command, and I was working in western Oceania, on the edge of the map view, so I had changed the central longitude to 10 in order to see capture some more of the area. However, when I brought back the screen capture as a tif and converted to equal color areas, some of the map was missing from the result, and when I checked, it was because the converted color areas had a central longitude of 0. So it didn't seem like the longitude of the screen capture process was matching the longitude that I'd set my map for. I changed the map central longitude back to 0, but it would be nice if the projection used by the screen capture could match that of the underlying area to be captured as image.

Hope this isn't too confusing...thanks for any help.
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