EDIT_VECTOR CONVERT_LINES_TO_AREAS - (for converting OSM building outlines to areas)

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Hi Mike,

I am working with a lot of OSM data and needing to extract building footprints only from it. I've got my script set to delete everything else but building=<value?>

However as there's a scattering of buildings in the OSM data that have been incorrectly traced as lines rather than areas, I would love to ask if a command:


could be implemented for the global mapper script?

As all buildings that are encoded as lines in OSM data they are all enclosed so running that command will save manually having to go in and prep the building layer myself.

On USA statewide OSM extracts and worldwide extracts this would be extremely useful to me.

Kindest Regards,


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,133
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    Hello Dean,

    I have added feature request #15204 to our task list so we can evaluate inclusion of this functionality in a future version of Global Mapper. We will post back to this thread when the status of that feature request changes.


  • digitalaviatordigitalaviator Global Mapper User Posts: 76Trusted User
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    Thanks Bob :) Look forward to it. :)
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