Share Contrast Adjustment with Other Layers; hidden, visible or All SCA box checked?

DiscoveryDiscovery Global Mapper UserPosts: 12
edited January 2015 in Raster Data
Hey Group,

I'm mosaicking dozens of overlapping images and need clarification on a tool for color adjustment.

Does selecting "Share Contrast Adjustment with OtherLayers" for a batch of visible rasters also Share Contrast Adjustments with hidden rasters? Or does the contrast adjustment box only apply to visible rasters at the time of pressing Apply?

In my case, hidden rasters seem to be affecting my contrast adjustment. As a work around, I may have to mosaic collections of similar images, color balance/contrast adjust, and then bring the new mosaic into a different instance of Global mapper to combine with other different mosaics for the final tiled mosaic. Has anyone experienced the same?
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