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workflow for getting and using 3d model wind power station in GM16 3d view

schoenfeldschoenfeld Global Mapper UserPosts: 1
edited January 2015 in Elevation Data
Hello evrybody,

I have a problem: I could not get any information in user guide etc. (apart from advertising flyers....) about using 3d models for vector point data for a 3d view.

I have an elevation model aerial image and additional information, 3d view is just fine so far, I have point vector data with heights for wind power stations in my area and want to show them in the 3d view. But with normal symbols from GM ("tower" for example) that dont make no sense cause the are only 2d and wont even show up as a height sensitive 2d picture.

So I need a 3d model for the points: where can I get them and how to import and symbolize the point layer with them. Please as much detailed workflow as possible cause it seems that is a real lack in information in GM until now.

Kind Regards,

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