Global Mapper COGO routines for working with point data tables.

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These routines are common to software that work with survey data from data collectors for field survey equipment. Examples include; accessing the point tables for drawing lines by point number, or drawing just the points selected by individual point numbers and/or ranges of point numbers.


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    Hello bisenberger,

    In the current Distance/Bearing/Cogo Input tool (on the Digitizer toolbar) there is an option to 'Load from File...'. You should be able to export to a simple .txt format from a table format in most applications (like Excel). Are you looking for an enhancement to the handling of COGO input strings in some way, it sounds like you would like the input string summarized in an interactive table - where points could be 'activated' or 'deactivated' for coordinate geometry calculations? Do you have any examples of these routines in action (via a website or application)?


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