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what is the blue line on the line profile?

JSLJSL Global Mapper UserPosts: 444Trusted User
edited December 2014 in Elevation Data
Hi, I was wondering what the blue line means that shows up when you enable "Draw selected line path" for a profile?profile.jpg


  • kentmankentman Global Mapper User Posts: 149Trusted User
    edited December 2014

    It is the actual line you selected to profile.

  • JSLJSL Global Mapper User Posts: 444Trusted User
    edited December 2014
    Thanks for your response--I think I see what the issue is:

    1) When I originally draw a line and generate a profile, I don't have the option to "Draw selected line path," and the profile looks like this:
    profile 1.jpg

    2) If I then select the line and choose "Apply elevations from terrain layers" from the Attribute menu, and then generate a profile, the blue line shows up:

    So maybe when I choose "Apply elevations," I've given myself the option to have either a line whose slope was the difference between the elevation of the two endpoints, or a line which is clamped to the terrain?

    This seems to make sense, because if I click "Calculate elevation/slope stats, it asks me if I want to use the vertex elevations or the underlying terrain.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!
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