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I can see some autoclassification functions for LIDAR in the scripting reference (LIDAR_CLASSIFY) but I can't see any reference to LIDAR toolbar functions like LIDAR_CLASSIFY_BUILDING or LIDAR_CLASSIFY_HIGHVEGETATION.

These would be useful additions to scripting. For instance I am trying to produce filtered LIDAR files that just contain trees. The autoclassification gets me so far but I get left with a load of spurious points which are building walls. The easiest way for me to get rid of these is to load building polygons, buffer to 2 or 3 metres and then use these to select the LIDAR points inside them and then re-classify to 'building'. I can do this manually in the software but I don't seem to have a way to get a script to trawl through 300 LIDAR files to do it automatically.




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    Hello James,

    I have added feature request #15001 to our task list so we can evaluate implementation of this functionality in a future version of Global Mapper. We will post here if there is a change in status or if we have additional questions. Thank you.


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    Hi Bob, thanks for that.

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