Decimate SegY or user coordinate files

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When loading Lidar files there is an option "Use Preview Mode. Load Only 1 of Every 'user entered number' Samples."

It would be very useful to have the capability to decimate by a user entered number a coordinate set when loading from a CSV or Text file using the “open generic ASCII text file” option.

Also, as SegY files can get very large, it would be useful to be able to open SegY files and decimate them on loading.



  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,135
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    I have added feature request #14982 to our task list so we can evaluate inclusion of this functionality in a future version of Global Mapper. We will post back to this thread when the status of that feature request changes.


  • LogsmithLogsmith Logsmith Posts: 12Trusted User
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    Thanks for the consideration.

    I do have work-arounds for sampling text and csv files but not for the Segy.
    Being able to load a decimated set of positions from a Segy file would be an significant time saver for me.

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