Global Mapper v24.1

Batch Convert messing up files

Bryan621 Global Mapper User
edited December 2014 in Technical Support
I am trying to run a batch conversion on a line file set (contours). And when I run it and check the attributes, it throws in an extra field called elevation. I am going from Mapinfo to shapefile, The mapinfo file has a depth field only but the converter adds an elevation field to it and puts the depth value into that elevation field. none of my other line files add any extra fields in. When I export I have export areas, lines and points checked. As Well as the generate PRJ files and include feature attributes. I have done this before and it did not do this to me. is there another option to check or uncheck to keep it from adding an elevation field into my files?

I tried adding images but they wont work by copying/pasting them in..