Export off multiple Rasters (reprojection)

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I am thinking about buying Global Mapper, but first I need to know if it is possible to do this with Global Mapper:
So I have 5000 single raster layers and now I want to change their CRS by changing the projection under configure to the CRS I want and then I click export layers and save them as an GeoTiff. The problem is that every single raster needs to be its own file with the area I had before. How can I do that?
The possiblities I found under export -> Tiling -> The layout do not suit my needs, because they either merge the rasters into one or give them new areas (Use selected area features for tiles is not avaiable to try for me so I do not know what it does).
Hope you guys understand what I mean and want and that you can help me ;)

P.S. In the attachment is a screenshot of the tiling options.


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    Have you tried using File->Batch Convert/Reproject...?


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    Hey Bob,
    Thank you for your time! I just look at this option you suggested but when I get to the batching window and look at the options of "Set up Gridding (i.e. Tiling)..." they are the same you can find under export.
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