High Precision Bearings for Segments of a Feature

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Could something be added to get the bearings in high precision of all of the segments of a feature in both directions? I'd like them on one screen where I can copy and paste them all at once. The Feature Info Tool > Vertices Dialog shows bearings but they are low precision and in only one direction. Currently what I'm doing to get this information is turning on extra precision for measurements and measuring all of the segments twice, once in each direction to get both bearings. This is really a pain because of all of the measuring though. If there's already an easier way to do this that I'm missing let me know. Thanks.


  • BrianZ111BrianZ111 Global Mapper User Posts: 42Trusted User
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    Actually maybe I should explain better what I'm really after. I need to know the change in bearing at all the vertices of the feature. So what I do now is measure from one vertex to the next one and from the same vertex to the previous. Copy and paste those measurements to a spreadsheet where the difference is found and subtracted by 180 since one measurement is in the reverse direction. It's a pretty big pain to do for all the vertices of a feature so anything that would help in doing that would be nice.
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