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Stationing along a line

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Is there a way to create/display stationing along a line?

When I create a path/profile along a line the display shows the stationing of the line. It would be great if I could create tick marks along the line at designated distances (like what CAD software can do). Ideally this would include major and minor tick marks with stationing displayed at major tick marks.


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    There's a way to do this, fortunately!

    Right-click on the workspace and a pop-up menu will appear
    Go to the menu options: Advanced Feature Creation Options -> Create Perpendicular Lines Spaced Along Selected Line/Area Feature(s) ...

    Use the second option to Sample Features at a Fixed Distance Interval, which you can define.
    These lines will be placed into your User Created Features layer.

    Hope that that helps! This will only create one type, not a major or minor tick marks. But I suppose that you can do this once, and change those lines to be a different style, then do this same trick again at a smaller interval to get the minor lines.
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    Thanks. That is what I was looking for.
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    Can someone explain how to add a label to each perpendicular that represents the station on the line i.e





  • Treebeard
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  • Treebeard
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    ie the station label should be a prefix "STA:" and the incremental distance along the line

  • There is a way to do something like you need but it is a bit lateral. I'm using v 22.1. Once you have defined your route and loaded the terrain surface select your route and Analysis/Measurement and Path Profile. Then Path Setup/Specify sample count/ Spacing Distance. Select the distance you want eg 1m or 100m or whatever, generate the profile and save to CSV with XYZ dist slope etc.

    Then read into Excel, cut and insert the Distance (Total) next to the Y (Northing) column, and save the X, Y, Distance (Total) data to a text fle e.g

    461240.8   5967612.1  4855

    461240.4   5967613.0  4856

    461240.0   5967613.9  4857

    461239.6   5967614.8  4858

    Read into GM as a data file points with attributes and you should end up with something like this. This is a 1m Kilometre Point file. The line label I have customised. Line style has a width of 3. You will need to play arond with the line style setting to get it exactly as you want. I have used a cross but you could use a point.

    Good luck.

  • Hi @RGBrown

    Thanks for the workaround. Its such a shame that GM does station/chainage markers but falls over when it comes to labelling them with "Sta" or "Ch" prefix and m, km, feet etc. suffix. Or at least I've never figured out how to do it?

    I'm sure this is something that the good folks at Blue Marble should be able to fix...😁

    Any other interested folk out there?



  • No probs Carrick, As another test I added text to the attribute and changed the symbol. You could make up your own symbol in the Styles.



  • Treebeard
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    RGB! That is super. Thanks much. I've spent so much of my career using CAD that the Global Mapper workflow is sometimes a little obscure. I have found I can usually get done what I need to get done in GM but I have to "think" about the work flow a little differently. Ie.. to Carrick's point, it would be amazing to have a "apply stations to line feature (alignment)" and also be able to pick and label multiple spot elevations along a profile.

    Thanks again!

  • kfroese
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    If you right-click the layer with your labels, go to Layer, Calculate/Copy Attribute Values, you could use the string calculations to prepend/append whatever extra letters you needed. Just make sure it is set to do "string" calculations.

    Ex: concat("STA: ",<FEATURE NAM>,"m")