CADRG Exports Have Artifacting on Gridlines

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I'm running into an issue with colors being incorrectly displayed in CADRG exports, specifically on JOG 1:250,000 exports. The attached screenshot show the issue is related to the overlaying grids in that they are incorporating colors from the land features to the east. These artifacts behind both the black and light blue grid lines are common throughout the entirety of the export. The reduction in resolution is to be expected and is not an issue at the correct scale.

Input data were Layout Geo TIFFs from ArcMap exported at 300 dpi. Lower resolutions were tested to match the reduced dpi of CADRG exports, however these produced the same or worse results.

I've also attempted different methods of resampling on the TIFF once imported into Global Mapper in addition to splitting the raster prior to loading to potentially limit the area that the new exports are pulling information from. Neither of this were beneficial towards the results.

Thanks for any help or advice,
Jared Butler
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