Cropping Loaded Points to Selected Area

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I have a bunch of points, and I only want the ones within my study area. I selected the study area with my Digitizer tool, then right-clicked and selected the CROP function.

Attached are the settings. I unchecked Polygons, Lines, marked Cropped Features as Deleted, and only take features outside the area. I set the feature layer to a new layer. I was assuming that it would put the cropped points into the new layer, and let me work with the original un-cropped layer as well.

What happened is that a new layer was created with no features in it. The original layer did not have any deleted points, nor were any points added. I'm a bit confused as to what happened here. Am I using the program incorrectly?

I'm using GM15 (b091913).



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    My first suggestion is to get the most recent version of Global Mapper 15. If, after trying your scenario with this version, the problem still exist, please post back here and we will see if we can figure out what it happening.

    Global Mapper download link: Global Mapper Downloads

    You will have to scroll down the page a bit to find the link for Global Mapper 15.


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    Hey! So I downloaded the latest version (v15.2, b091014) and it cropped everything ok, thanks!
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