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Is there any GPS function that will allow you to select a line or point draw on a georefrenced map and navigate to selected point or line if not this would be a great addition ie distance away and heading arrow toward point or line any info will be greatly appreciated Thanks Terry


  • Hunter GeophysicsHunter Geophysics Global Mapper User Posts: 77Trusted User
    Hi Terry. I know this discussion is a year and a half old, but I would like to just echo your recommendation.

    I need to do a stake-out survey next week and would love to be able to use GM instead of the Leica Captivate software I currently use with the GPS...

    ....hopefully my commenting here will inspire the developers to add this feature in...

    (my problem is that I've got to stake out 300 points rapidly. Captivate is a tad slow when choosing which points to stake out. I'd hope GM would allow me to set a series of points to stake out, and I could then press a single button to start staking out the next point in the queue...)
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