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Navionics Charts

selebets Global Mapper UserTrusted User
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Dear Sir,

Is it possible to get navionics chart as a custom online map source?

Navionics WebApp - Product Catalog


  • criquet
    criquet Global Mapper User Trusted User
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    ... Woaw I like this thread! That's a very good source for free navigational charts.
    As I work for in oceanographic stuffs, I'm very interested too with this.
  • marky9074
    marky9074 Global Mapper User
    Yes, that is a good linky - very useful
  • marky9074
    marky9074 Global Mapper User
    Doing some more digging, their web API is free (albeit with various conditions). Either they could be approached for a cost to allow access (the same as the premium feeds in GM I guess), or take out the API in a personal capacity and adhere to their T&C. The back end is OpenLayers, so presumably would be easy to get into GM?