Calculating area of particular slope within defined area

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I have been trying to figure this out for some time and found some good information online to get me going some ways, but I am kind of stuck to get the final pieces together.

Basically I have a defined polygon-area (no regular shape) and I want to figure out the exact area of differently sloped areas. So for example in the image attached, I have coloured the slopes in 0-15° (green) and 15° and above. I have already found this post:, which helped me in exporting the slope data and then as suggested by Mike I created contour lines at 15, thereby creating nice little islands.

Now this may be really a very basic task, but somehow I can't figure out, how to go that last step of then calculating the area of the green (or the red, does not matter in this case) withing the actual project site. In particular I would also have to make, sure that the area files are attributed correctly to the red and green that they were originally created from (see second image).

Would appreciate if somebody could help or point me towards a forum entry.


Project_15° degree slope.jpgProject_15° contour lines.jpg
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