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Global Mapper 16 Raster export speeds (ECW)

mclaughlink Global Mapper User
edited September 2014 in Bug Report

I have been exporting ecws with Global Mapper 16 over the last two days. I haven't seen any dramatic speed increases in the exports. I was expecting to see this due to the multi-core processing that v16 has.

Is exporting ecws one of the functions that utilizes the multi-core processing?


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    edited September 2014

    Exporting ECW rasters is not one of the functions that uses multiple cores.

    The following operations take advantage of multiple cores:
    • Contour Generation
    • View Shed Calculation
    • Gridding of 3D vector features
    • Search by Attributes/Name
    • Creation of area features from equal colors/elevation/slopes
    • [LIDAR MODULE ONLY] Automatic classification of Lidar ground points (20X as fast or more)
    • [LIDAR MODULE ONLY] Initial display of height-above-ground color for Lidar point clouds
    • Reprojection of layers covering a large area of the world

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