Append Grid Values to Created Vector Line

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I was wondering if it is possible to append grid values to a created vector line that passes through the grid?



  • Thea_bmgThea_bmg Global Mapper User Posts: 38
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    Hello Michael,

    Yes that is possible.

    First, you would use the digitizer tool to select the cells of your grid that the line passes through, and crop your line by the selected grid cells, so that you now have one line for every grid cell.

    Then, from the right click menu go to Attribute/Style Functions > 'Copy Attributes Between Overlapping/Nearby Features' to copy attributes from the selected area features to loaded line features. Check the box next to the attributes that you would like to copy to your lines, and click ok.

    This will append selected attribute values from each cell in the grid that the line runs through to the line in that grid.
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