Assigning dominate areas attribute to grid

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I have a shapefile of soil types. On top of that I have a shapefile that is a grid of boxes. I want to assign an attribute to the grid shapefile that is the largest (dominate) area of the soil type within each grid.

How do I do this?

I tried the 'copy attributes between overlapping/nearby features', but it didn't have an option to copy attributes by dominate attribute.


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    Hi DustyRobinson,

    This can be done manually in Global Mapper, but a portion of the workflow must be done on a grid cell by grid cell basis:

    Select all of the features in your grid and crop your soils layer to the selected area feature, creating a new layer. Update the measure attributes of the features in your new layer so that your area measurements are correct for your new cropped features. Turn off your old un-cropped soils layer.

    With the digitizer tool, select the largest soil feature in each grid cell, either visually, or, if the largest cell is not obvious, by selecting all of the cropped soil features in that grid cell, clicking on the 'Search in Selected Features' button', and clicking on the area column of the attributes to sort your selected features by area to determine the largest by area.

    With the largest area feature selected, hit ctrl+C to copy the layer, and Ctrl+V to paste it, selecting the option to paste into a new layer. Repeat for the rest of your cells, but copying the largest feature to the new layer you just created rather than a new layer each time. This will create a layer containing just the largest soil feature in each grid cell. You can now turn off all layers but your new largest feature layer and the grid cell, select your grid, and use the 'Copy Attributes Between Featuers' to copy attributes from your loaded features to your selected features.

    Hope this helps,
    Thea Youngs
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