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I am creating a path using Digitiser Tool / Distance BearingCOGO tool. The List of Entered Distance/bearingCOGOvalues provides the Bearing, Long, Lat values. I saved the points created using the Save to file Option. This saves only the Bearing values. Can I save the lat,long values also along with bearing ? This will simplify my work further. Otherwise I am manually writing these values now.



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    Hello Srikanth,
    If you select your line after completing the COGO draw, you can right-click and select Advanced Feature Creation Options>Create New Points from Selected Area and Line Features. This will create individual point features with the distance and bearing information as attributes for each point. You can then export that file out as a CSV to get the points and bearing information all together.

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    Hello Sam,
    I was able to carryout the steps suggested by you. Thanks a lot

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    Hello Sam
    I am using GM16. When I use the above options to export the selected data from GM, it stores the lat,long,elev data but the bearing information of points selected is not saved. Do I need to set any other option for this ?

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