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I'm trying to overlay a 3D building on a DEM. But it's not viewing properly. I was assuming there's an issue with some sort of attribute within AutoCAD. I've tried an exploded and non-exploded block and and still gets imported into GM this way. All features in the drawing have a Z value

I've attached an image of the error. This is the building as one block. I haven't had issues with other 3D drawings, but of course the one I need is this one and it's not working.

Any ideas? Maybe an import setting?

EDIT: The issue I'm having if isn't clear are the lines and points below the DEM. They should be apart of the building on top of the DEM but aren't. Same attributes, and Z values, etc


  • ChrisHChrisH Global Mapper User Posts: 6
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    I've figured out that the some Z values were not imported when I brought the .dwg in. Anyway to avoid this?
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    To clarify, are the z values not importing or are the attributes not being interpreted as z values by Global Mapper? You can verify if the vertices in your dxf file include the z value by using the Feature Info tool to select the feature on the map, then click the Vertices button at the bottom of the dialog box. There should be an Elevation column.

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