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I'm try to make a composite map from a number of separate sheets (Soviet Military Maps downloaded from mapstor). The separate map sheets fit together well, but each has an overlapping white border with coordinates etc in black. I can't use the option to exclude the white areas because the black coordinates are not eliminated.

I tried to export only the map areas as individual GeoTiffs using the map sheet bounding coordinates but the resulting map areas did not fit well - the GeoTiffs were "square" and parts of the original maps were missing. The same happened when I outlined the map as a polygon and exported the polygonal area.

Any suggestions about how to make a composite map easily? I have about forty individual sheets.


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    There are a couple of things you can try. After selecting one or more of the raster layers in the Overlay Control Center, click the Options button and select the Cropping tab. Choose the Automatically Crop Collar option. If this doesn't work, try manually outlining the bounds of the map with an area feature (polygon) and instead of exporting, use the same cropping tab to Crop to Currently Selected Polygon(s). Unfortunately this will have to be repeated for all of the map sheets.

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