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GM and bad Albanian WMTS source

BeffBeff Global Mapper UserPosts: 4
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I have to download some topo maps from Albanian WMTS server and I got problems. 95% of the area is downloaded very well and some border areas are blurred. But when I browse in GM and zoom in, they are okay. The problem is with downloading. Perhaps you know what can be the reason ?

The address is:

ASIG - Geoportal

I have got GM 15.0


  • Josie_BMGJosie_BMG Global Mapper User Posts: 71
    edited September 2014
    Hello Beff, Can you tell me which layer you are downloading and the area that you have selected to download? I can try to download the data and see I can recreate the problem.

    Also, we have recently released an updated version of Global Mapper v15, you can download it here: Global Mapper Downloads

  • BeffBeff Global Mapper User Posts: 4
    edited September 2014
    Hello Josie,

    All of them are affected. But the 10K topos the most. Try to download the most northern part of 10K topo maps like on the image. As you see the lower part is OK and the upper part is spoilt.

    My guess is they did something on their server and GM is reading it like that. It is not a question of exporter, because I was trying to save it as different formats like TIFF or ECW with the same result.

  • DMcKittrickDMcKittrick Global Mapper Trainer Trusted User Posts: 58
    edited September 2014
    Are you seeing this problem after you export the data to a local file or you seeing the problem with the online service? I was able to navigate to different sections of the maps while streaming the data and I didn't see any issues. If you are exporting the data, try tiling the coverage area to create multiple small files.

    - David McKittrick
    Senior Applications Specialist
    Blue Marble Geographics
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