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Reverse Geocoding

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I think it will be a nice tool along with "Geocode Address from File". Input would be coordinates file and output the addresses.



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    There is a reverse geocoding function in the current version of Global Mapper however it will only work if a road layer has been added to the current workspace. If you are working within the US, the Census Bureau's TIGER road layer will work for this purpose (

    To apply an address to a set of points, follow these steps:

    1. Load the road layer
    2. Load the points using the File > Open Generic ASCII/Text File... command
    3. Select all of the points with the Digitzer
    4. Right-click anywhere on the map and choose Attribute/Style Functions > Add Address Information from Roads to Selected Points
    5. Enter the maximum distance from the point to the nearest road and click the OK button

    Use the Feature Info tool to verify the address information has been added to the road.

    - David McKittrick
    Senior Applications Specialist
    Blue Marble Geographics
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    Thank you!
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