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Vector Rectification issue

jubxie Global Mapper User
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I'm having an issue rectifying a dwg file in an unknown coordinate system to an image in a know system.

I chose 3 point to do the transformation and I hit apply. At that point the dwg file shifted to the correct location over the image in the rectify dialog, as expected. However, when I hit OK to close the dialog, the data shifts away from the image. I assume something is going on with the coordinate systems but not sure what coordinate system to use for a file with an unknown system when rectifying. See attached screenshots:





  • jubxie
    jubxie Global Mapper User
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    Disregard. It worked this time. Not sure why that was happening.....I didn't think I did anything different.,,,,,
  • I'm having the same problem here. I've  try over and over, but hasn't come right even just one.